Curriculum Vitae


photo_profileI am a PhD, Electrical Engineer with more than 5 years of experience in industry. Currently, I work at Schneider Electric, France, as an R&D Engineer, specialist of control/monitoring algorithms design for electric motor drives.

I have contributed to several projects, and I have authored and co-authored numerous patents and scientific articles. My areas of expertise include Electric Motor Drives and Power Electronic Converters Control.
I am a creative, result-driven person, and a very good team player. As a PhD, I have solid theoretical knowledge in electrical engineering, and as an experienced Engineer, I can provide high-quality, efficient and competitive solutions.


Professional Experience

Schneider Electric – Schneider Toshiba Inverter (July 2019 – present)
Senior R&D Engineer
– Designing Control and Monitoring Algorithms for Electric Motors Drives.
Renault Group – Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance (June 2013 – June 2019)
Principle R&D Engineer
– Designing Control Algorithms for Electric Motors Drives.
– Conducting ePowertrain Projects from Advanced Engineering to Development.
– Supervising PhD Students and Interns.
CentraleSupélec Engineering School (2016 – 2018)
Part-time Instructor
– Course tutorials: Automatic Control Systems.



Doctorate Degree in Automatic Control Engineering, Paris-Saclay University
Paris, France
June 2013 – May 2016
Master’s Degree in Automatic Control and Signal Processing, CentraleSupélec Engineering School
Paris Area, France
September 2011 – September 2012
Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Lebanese University, School of Engineering
Beirut, Lebanon
September 2007 – September 2011


List of Publications

Journal papers:

  1. M. Koteich, A. Maloum, G. Duc, G. Sandou. Discussion on “AC drive observability analysis”IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 62(11):7224–7225.
  2. M. Koteich, A. Maloum, G. Duc, G. Sandou. Discussion on “A differential algebraic estimator for sensorless permanent-magnet synchronous machine drive”.  IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, 30(3):1137–1137.
  3. O. Bethoux, E. Godoy, I. Roche, B. Naccari, M. A. Taleb, M. Koteich, Y. Nassif. A new state-observer of the inner PEM fuel cell pressures for enhanced system monitoringThe European Physical Journal Applied Physics, 66(03):30901.

Conferences proceedings:

  1. M. Koteich, A. Messali, S. Daurelle. Self-sensing control of the externally-excited synchronous machine for electric vehicle traction applicationIEEE International Symposium on Sensorless Control for Electrical Drives (SLED), September 2017.
  2. M. Sleiman, M. Koteich, H.F. Blanchette, H. Kanaan, K. Al-Haddad. Energy Equalization Module for Modular Multilevel Converters in Variable Speed Motor Drives. International Conference on Renewable Energies for Developing Countries (REDEC2016), July 2016, Beirut, Lebanon.
  3. M. Koteich. Flux estimation algorithms for electric drives: a comparative study. International Conference on Renewable Energies for Developing Countries (REDEC2016), July 2016, Beirut, Lebanon.
  4. M. Koteich, G. Duc, A. Maloum, G. Sandou. A unified model for low-cost high-performance AC drives: the Equivalent Flux concept. The Third International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computer Engineering and their Applications (EECEA2016), Apr 2016, Beirut, Lebanon.
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