Conference Papers

Observability analysis of sensorless synchronous machine drives

Authors: Mohamad Koteich, Abdelmalek Maloum, Gilles Duc, Guillaume Sandou

Conference: 2015 European Control Conference (ECC), Linz, Austria, 15-17 July 2015, pages 3560-3565.

DOI: 10.1109/ECC.2015.7331085

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Abstract: This paper studies the local observability of synchronous machines using a unified approach. Recently, motion sensorless control of electrical drives has gained high interest. The main challenge for such a technology is the poor performance in some operation conditions. One interesting theory that helps understanding the origin of this problem is the observability analysis of nonlinear systems. In this paper, the observability of the wound-rotor synchronous machine is studied. The results are extended to other synchronous machines, adopting a unified analysis. Furthermore, a high-frequency injection-based technique is proposed to enhance the sensorless operation of the wound-rotor synchronous machine at standstill.

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